What is Jukebox Quiz?

Jukebox Quiz is an exciting, amazing, addictive, competitive and challenging app. With different music categories and new tracks added regularly, users are able to stay updated and plugged into the music world, with their friends and families. This also satisfies the aim and objective of the game, which is ‘to unite the whole world through music’.

How does it work?

You can simply play Jukebox Quiz alone or with a friend on the same device. You will be required to listen to music clips, and then guess the artist or song name. Users select from different categories, which include, Latest, Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic, Rock. With the steady increase of new tracks, you should expect a challenging and competitive game.

Will Jukebox Quiz fit on phones and tablets?

The simple answer is yes. Jukebox Quiz will easily resize to suit any device - from mobile phones to tablets. We designed this app for perfect viewing and comfortable navigation for different sizes of phones and tablets. This also extends to various platforms and operating systems, so that users all around the world are able to access the game, irrespective of their devices.

Does Jukebox Quiz require a particular version of an operating system?

Jukebox Quiz is designed to operate on Android (3.0+) and IOS (8.3+) operating system. And you can download the game from their respective stores.

Can I play Jukebox Quiz with my laptop or desktop computer?

No. The game is designed for mobile phones and tablets with Android and IOS operating systems.